About us

Managing all payroll related issues, benefits, collective and personal business agreements, overtime, and absences and vacations in today’s ever-changing and regulatory environment can be a tremendous challenge for any organization. Salary, benefit and variable compensation programs are more flexible and at the same time more complex and difficult to administer. Legislation surrounding benefits and payroll processes continues to add complexity and cost to the administrative process. And despite all this, HR and Payroll departments are under increasing pressure to reduce costs and provide better service.

AtomoPlus HR and Payroll Integrated System provides a sophisticated, comprehensive and powerful engine to capture, administer, retrieve, analyze, and manage a wide array of payroll related information, reducing administrative burdens and providing better service to all employees. AtomoPlus system is easy to use, and simple to set up, yet very powerful to meet all various demanding organizational needs.

Thirtyfive Years of Experience in Payroll & Human Resources Management

The first version of Atomo solution was designed in the late '70s, and until today has evolved into one of the most recognized and widely used Payroll and HR systems of the market. Today more than 90,000 professionals and some of the largest companies and organizations deploy the solution for their payroll operations.

For more than 30 years, Uni Systems closely monitors the HR and Payroll business trends, as well as the evolving operational challenges and the dynamically changing requirements of its extensive customer base, while at the same time is continuously invests in optimizing its HR and Payroll solutions.

Evolution of a Successful System

Keeping a close eye on the emerging business needs and challenges of the global market, Uni Systems developed the new AtomoPlus solution.

AtomoPlus, through its recent technological and functional upgrade, is totally redesigned to incorporate best practices of the market and contemporary business flows, as well as to further strengthen its functional and operational competencies, thus creating a product that leads the way in Payroll Management solutions.

AtomoPlus platform is the new, innovative application for Payroll Management, designed to provide flexibility, mobility and effectiveness.

The advantages of AtomoPLus include increased productivity for both HR and IT departments, flexible and fast access to information from anywhere, multiple search options and multilingual support.

The Unique Characteristics of AtomoPlus
  • Pure web based architecture, accessibility from anywhere and via any device, at anytime .
  • Personalized menus per user.
  • Complete information on a single screen.
  • Easily parameterizable by the end user.
  • Immediate and accurate report generation.
  • Reduced complexity.
  • Remote administration and management.