AtomoPlus, is an innovative, flexible and fully integrated Payroll and HR management system that provides complete control over all aspects of payroll and human resources related operations. Internally developed and continuously improved, constitutes one of the most cutting-edge functional Payroll and HR Management system, adaptable to meet the business challenges and operational requirements of all modern businesses, turning payroll processing into a dynamic, accurate and easily controlled process.

AtomoPlus covers all the Payroll and HR Management related business needs with a complete modules portfolio that fully manages:

  • Workforce administration data and Job Data.
  • Interfaces for importing | exporting data to other systems such as Excel and Word.
  • Payroll processing with fully retroactive allowances – cash flows | Online management of settlements.
  • Labor agreements.
  • Salary Budgeting – ‘what if’ scenarios.
  • Leaves, absences, staff loans.
  • Time Presence – punch in and out.
  • Powerful Report Generator.

Using a friendly and ‘familiar’ browser interface, an efficient rules-based engine in a multinational, pure internet environment, and ‘best practices’ functionality, AtomoPlus provides significant savings in data entry, calculation time, and manual intervention, allowing for less time preparing and running the payroll and absences processing and achieving results that are more accurate.

Embedding dynamic best practices and powerful business processes AtomoPlus ensures various business benefits, such as:

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Increased independence from IT.
  • Greater user and employee engagement.
  • Consolidated employee view.
  • Single "point of truth" for personnel.
  • Less paperwork.

Its unique design evolves along with the organizational operations, as they change and grow, offering multiple technological benefits, such as:

  • Access from any point & at anytime.
  • Easily customizable; dynamic parameters.
  • Enhanced security for confidential data.
  • User friendly – personalized – "one click" navigation.
  • Smart ad-hoc personnel views and analysis.
  • Seamless integration to 3rd party systems.