AtomoPlus Outsourced



Uni | PAYaaS Outsourced: Minimize Resources, Maximize Efficiency.

For organizations that have few resources to allocate for Payroll and Human Resources Administration, Uni Systems offers the Uni | PAYaaS (Payroll as a Service) Outsourced Service.

The service is based on AtomoPlus HR and Payroll Integrated Solution and all relevant operations run over the safe and secure environment of Uni Systems' state-of-the-art Data Center for maximum flexibility and efficiency.

Through Uni | PAYaaS Outsourced Service, Uni Systems Consultants on behalf of each organization delivers:

  • Preparation of the monthly payroll computations including statutory bonuses (Christmas, Easter, vacation) and any other annual bonuses.
  • Preparation of the monthly net payable payroll lists.
  • Copies of the monthly payroll slips to the personnel emails.
  • Preparation of the payroll withholding tax returns.
  • Preparation of the payroll journal entries for each month.
  • Calculation of the compensation to be paid to employees in case of statutory termination indemnity in case of dismissal.
  • Preparation and submission of the notification form of employees’ new hires, registrations, dismissals to National Manpower Employment Organization.
  • Preparation of the monthly and periodic APD of social security contribution, for submission to National Social Security Organization and other returns for submission to any other supplementary social security fund.
  • Preparation of the annual summary statement of earnings and withholding taxes for each employee for their personal income tax return.
  • Preparation and submission to the Bank of a file containing the net amounts due to employees.

Through Uni | PAYaaS Outsourced Service organizations can:

  • Increased reliability and safety.
  • Get payroll management for a fixed monthly cost per employee.
  • Engage less human resources for payroll management operations.
  • Save money since there is zero cost for user training, implementation or maintenance of the system, upgrades and backup.
  • Increase Productivity.